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Pancreum Genesis System

PDA, CoreMD, GlucoWedge, BetaWedge and AlphaWedge

The Pancreum Genesis wearable artificial pancreas system can manage and effectively regulate the glucose level with limited (or without) input from the user. The system has five components: The PDA (Personal Diabetes Analyzer), the CoreMD, the GlucoWedge continuous glucose monitor, the BetaWedge insulin pump and the AlphaWedge glucagon pump. In addition, an ultra intelligent algorithm that resides in the PDA provides safe and reliable adjustments to the insulin and glucagon delivery. If research proves necessary, other substances such as cortisol or adrenaline could replace glucagon in the AlphaWedge.

The CoreMD and GlucoWedge accurately check the glucose level every 4 minutes, 24 hours a day. The GlucoWedge measures the glucose in the interstitial fluid and the CoreMD passes the information to the PDA via a Bluetooth wireless link. The PDA uses its leading-edge algorithm to calculate new insulin and glucagon basal or bolus delivery requirements. It then sends commands back to the CoreMD, which adjusts the BetaWedge and AlphaWedge's delivery rates. This algorithm adapts to the individual's metabolic needs. Each person's unique needs change according to activity, stress, and hormone levels. A set of parameters entered by the user guarantees the system's accuracy.

Don't be fooled by a system that does not deliver glucagon or a similar substance. The true artificial pancreas must manage the use and delivery of such hormone or substance. Several systems available for sale today are marketed as an "artificial pancreas" but, without this functionality, they are not capable of automatically avoiding hypoglycemia!

Artificial Pancreas System features:

Checks glucose level every 4 minutes.
Calibration needed only twice a day.
Intelligent filtering for best accuracy.
Delivers insulin and glucagon (or equivalent).
Several basal programs and segments over a 24-hour period.
Multiple bolus delivery options.
Temporary basal rates available for your special needs.
Redundant safety checks.
User-defined alarms and alerts.
CoreMD – 7-day internal rechargeable battery.
Custom PDA – 2 alkaline batteries, or a commercial PDA/Smartphone.

Electronic/Software prototype available for demonstration!

In addition to the PDA, CoreMD, GlucoWedge and BetaWedge, which were previously described in the Closed Loop System, the Artificial Pancreas has an AlphaWedge. The AlphaWedge features are:

Delivers a substance to elevate the BG level.
The substance could be glucagon, cortisol or adrenaline.
Fluid capacity of 400 U.
No tubing to catch on anything around you.
No batteries nor CPU board.
So small you will even forget that you have one on.
Easily hides under your clothing.